Investing in UK Property from the UAE has seen a sharp rise in popularity this year, defying all odds as the investment market still adjusts to the pandemic. We explain why.

Whilst foreign direct investment into the UK has always been a popular option for investors, the rise in popularity of asset-backed and secured fixed income capital investments, corporate bonds, and loan notes into the UK has exceeded all expectations.

Capital 3PM has established itself as the go-to international placement agent for individuals and institutions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and across the United Arab Emirates looking for high-yield UK property investments. We look at the three top reasons why our UAE investors clients are investing in UK property:

UAE Investments into the UK Property Market

The UK is a desirable, proven and secure market that is open to international investors from the UAE

The UK is a modern and buoyant property market, with high yield projects across the country. From the continued growth of London as a global epicentre of business and culture, to the regeneration of the North of England into one of Europe’s most exciting development regions, there are desirable opportunities for all types of UK property investment.

And unlike many other markets with tall barriers to entry, including the UAE itself, our UAE investors are welcomed to invest in the UK with open arms. Capital 3PM guides our clients every step of the way, making the process as friction-free as possible, whether you’re an ex-pat or Emirati native.

Capital 3PM has a wide range of UK property investment products and schemes to diversify your portfolio

Capital 3PM offers the widest range of UK property investment products and schemes to clients in the UAE, including Godwin Capital and Empire. These all offer UAE investors a strong fixed rate of return, that is fixed term, secured and asset backed, whilst championing fantastic initiatives like the redevelopment of the North of England, regeneration projects that will restore the British high street, and green real estate investments to meet the needs and demands of tomorrow’s generation.

Our UAE investors both feel good about their investments making positive impacts, whilst benefiting from their high yields.

The UK property market offers strong rates of return, high yields and proven track records

We have access to best-in-class opportunities that are second-to-none, and our client reviews speak for themselves.

Let’s discuss finding the right UK property investment opportunity for you. Speak the Capital 3PM team today here or fill out the contact form below:

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