Key features of

our products

  • £25,000 Minimum investment

  • Coupons paid quarterly, biannually or at end of term

  • Fixed returns of between 8% & 12%

  • One or two-year fixed terms

  • Available in GBP, USD & EUR

  • Returns of 8 - 12%
  • 100% Track Record
  • Layers of Security
  • Range of Payment Options
  • The Chance to Diversify
  • Non-Market Correlated


RETURNS OF 8 - 12%

This short-term (1 to 2 years) fixed income investment offers a potential return of 8% to 12%, providing a consistent and predictable income stream.

100% Track Record

With a 100% track record, this investment has demonstrated a history of successfully meeting its financial obligations.

Layers of Security

Layers of security in this investment ensure that multiple safeguards are in place to protect investors' principal and interest payments.

Range of Payment Options

The investment offers a range of payment options, allowing investors to choose the most convenient and suitable method for receiving their returns.

The Chance to Diversify

Investing in this opportunity provides the chance to diversify your portfolio by reducing overall risk and potentially increasing returns.

Non-Market Correlated

This investment does not move in tandem with traditional financial markets, such as stocks or bonds thus reducing overall portfolio risk.


With nearly 20 years' experience and an intensive screening process, we source only the best fixed-income opportunities. Currently, we offer just 3 products from leading UK providers – specialists in commercial property, residential property and legal financing.

Since 2003, we've successfully placed over £2 billion of capital for investors from 45 countries. We have an established distribution network that spans both the institutional and retail space.


Our mission is to introduce alternative financial strategies, while providing unsurpassed service excellence, that together deliver world class Fixed Income investment opportunities.


Our vision is to be the preferred choice for our clients, who have invested their trust in us and we are dedicated to providing the very best capital introductions for our fixed income providers.

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- 10% PA bi-annual – interest paid every 6 months or

- 12% PA deferred - interest paid by the end of 2 years investment on the maturity date.

Interest over 2 years
$ 24,000
$ 100,000

Unrivalled results for our clients

Since 2003, capital 3pm have sourced over £5b of investment opportunities.

Asset backed & insured investments

Our clients are secured by highly regulated security trustees in the form of legal charges and debentures.

Our Credentials



At Capital 3PM we only raise capital for UK partners who’ve demonstrated:

“We put quality at the heart of all we do”

  • diligence-pledge

    10 years track record (minimum)

  • diligence-pledge

    FCA-Regulated security trustee or A-Rated Insurer

  • diligence-pledge

    100+ Years board of directors combined experience

  • diligence-pledge

    1 billion deliverable assets

  • diligence-pledge

    UK onshore banking presence

At Capital 3PM all our Fixed Income providers have long standing relationships with us, are well renowned and respected business professionals in their field and have a strong reputation in their industry.

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Adam Davis CEO & Managing Partner
Management Message

Message from the CEO

As the managing partner of Capital 3PM, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Capital 3PM and our long-standing, successful history in capital raising for fixed income concepts. our clients are at the forefront of everything we do. we source secured, 100% asset-backed alternative financial strategies, whilst providing unsurpassed service excellence.

Over the last two decades, we have traveled the globe building a network of investors, providers and a reputation that we pride ourselves on today.

As we move forwards into the next decade, our ability to seek out proven opportunities has been demonstrated and delivered consistently. our key focus is to be way ahead of the competition and to create a first mover advantage for our clients.

To our existing clients, thank you for your continued support and partnership. to our potential clients, we look forward to the opportunity of working with you and for you.


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