Capital 3PM offers a diverse range of proven high-yielding investment opportunities, and our new Success Stories feature spotlights a few of our client’s journeys!

Janet is not your typical investor. In our industry, she would be called a sophisticated investor, and with a background in banking and wealth management, Janet is deeply aware of the marketplace and its opportunities. So, when her financial advisor introduced her to Adam and the Capital 3PM team, she was looking through everything with a fine comb.

In their first meeting with Capital 3PM, Janet and her financial advisor made clear that Janet likes an international profile with her investments. Having a strong fixed rate of return, that was fixed term, secured and asset backed was important. Janet also wanted an unblemished track record with her investment, with a company profile and board of directors that were world class.

Capital 3PM identified Godwin Capital (now in its 8th iteration) as the right product for Janet, with a £100,000 2-year fixed term investment, and coupons every 6 months. Janet is now 1.5 years into her 2-year investment, and looking to re-invest the full capital as this investment has done better than her other investments.

Pleased with the support and guidance she received with Capital 3PM, especially throughout the pandemic, Janet is also looking to invest in Capital 3PM and Empire’s new 2-Year Fixed Income Special Situations Corporate Bond.

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