Capital 3PM offers our international clients a diverse range of proven, high-yield UK investment opportunities. Here are what some of them have to say about their experience with us!

Professional, transparent and they do business in the right way. In their first meeting with Capital 3PM, Janet and her financial advisor made clear that Janet likes an international profile with her investments. Having a strong fixed rate of return, that was fixed term, secured and asset backed was important. Janet also wanted an unblemished track record with her investment, with a company profile and board of directors that were world class.

Simon Snelder, Investor, UAE

I had a wonderful experience in dealing with Capital 3PM and their team. All my queries were answered and they very quickly put me at ease. The conversation was easy and the products discussed were informative, transparent and to be honest, phenomenal. They are not pushy in any way and due to this i’ve decided to take up their off to join the latest webinar for more information into the markets. I’m genuinely excited to learn more and start working with the team.

Adam Gerries, Investor, UAE

I have been using Capital 3PM for my clients, for many years as part of their portfolio. Needless to say, they have been very happy. Professional, efficient and personally a fantastic investment to run along side, your other investments. I have been an advisor for over 20 plus years and it’s refreshing to be able to offer my clients a product that I am 100% comfortable with.

Graham Foxwell, Private Wealth Manager, Qatar

The service has been great (…) Payments have been in time and I have just increased my investment.

Roland Hendriks, Investor, UAE

I was introduced to Adam at Capital 3M at a time of great turbulence in the financial markets when the world was trying to understand the potential impact of the Covid-19 virus. The advice and guidance (and recommended solution) I received was given in a calm and professional manner, cutting through the more sensational jargon of the day and delivering a well researched, low risk and solid solution for my investments. Adam was patient to all my questions and doubts, answered all my queries and, without any pressure to proceed, allowed me the space to reach my own decision on a sensible way forward. I would (and have) recommend Adam and Capital 3M to friends and colleagues, and have myself invested further through Adam – so far its all good. In summary for me Capital 3M/Adam offered sound and practical advice at a time of great turbulence in the markets, in a truly calm and professional manner.

John, Investor, Malaysia

Capital 3PM is a team of individuals who genuinely care about what they do and enjoy having a real experience with people. I booked an introductory call to hear more about the products they provided and was pleased that they were easy to understand and transparent in the risks. The team demonstrated excellent knowledge not only in the products they advocate but the financial markets as a whole. I’ve received an invitation to a webinar which I will most certainly be attending. I look forward to building a successful relationship.

Andrew Fernandes, Investor, UAE

Very professional service and good return on capital invested. I have invested my own wealth into Capital3pm investments, as well as going one step further and introducing many of my Clients to their services. Adam Davis is very knowledgeable and articulate in explaining every detail of the loan note offerings. The Loan notes provide a very good fixed return proposition and nicely complement investors existing portfolios. The process of investing is very quick, easy and streamlined and the support from admin/Michelle is very professional. Products are very straight forward for investors to understand and usually of short term. I have no hesitation in recommending Capital3pm services to friends and clients and will continue to invest with them on a annual basis.

Ryan Moore, Investor, UAE

Professional, transparent, and efficient company to work with. I have and am continuing to recommend their investment products to my clients. Their loan notes outweigh many others in the global market, due to the multiple layers of security offered. And their continued growth and successful track record is simply the proof of the pudding.

Yasmine Abou Elnasr, Private Wealth Manager, UAE

Legendary service, awesome broker and I will continue to deal with them in the future. Service quality and speed is second to none, and Michelle is easy and delightful to deal with. Adam Davis has built something really special here, with excellent international products for the discerning expat. Well done, and keep up the good work!

Jason King, Investor, Malaysia

Had a great experience in dealing with Capital 3PM. Sean was very helpful in answering all my queries. Looking forward to a long-term relationship.

Devvrat Periwal, Investor, India

So far, so good! Adam Davis has assisted my clients in adding fixed income investments to their retirement portfolio. Always transparent with providing details about his company and investment solutions and already my clients are reaping the benefits. I would highly recommend anyone considering alternative investments to speak with Capital 3PM.

Craig O’Sullivan, Investor, UAE

Capital 3PM seem to have decided that fears over investment need to be obliterated. From first contact with the team, there was an implicit understanding, customer service and trust are paramount. As a potential small investor, I have never felt I was deemed less important than larger investors, in fact some way into an enjoyable and rewarding relationship, I have yet to save enough to invest; Yet contact has been consistent so that when I’m able to, I’ll be trusting my money to people I’ve come to know, like and feel safe with. The products provided are easy to understand and transparent, risks clearly explained and the team demonstrate a superb understanding of the financial products they advocate. There’s no “hard sell”. If I had a crystal ball I would expect it to show a long and profitable relationship with Capital 3PM in my future!

Bruce Westgate, Investor, UAE & Greece

As a private wealth manager, I always refer to Adam and the team at Capital 3PM when I’m considering fixed income opportunities for my clients. I have recommended Capital 3PM for several years now and I’m convinced they are one of the best in this asset class space.

Lewis Paterson, Private Wealth Manager, UK

I’ve invested in 2 projects with 3 PM. Adam Davis is very professional and trustworthy, he cares to go through every single details that the clients required to know about. He doesn’t put pressure on his clients to just invest money, he prefers to give the right advice according to each client’s case/financial situation and this quality is reflecting his honesty. 3PM always following up on their clients, their aim to maintain a good professional relationship even after closing deals. I do recommend working with 3PM due to my successful experience.

Gaya Hallak, Investor, UAE

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