In recognition of their continued success with UK property investments, Capital 3PM have launched a new website focused on spotlighting the transformational work done by the Godwin Capital fixed income investment product, aiming to showcase the best of British property development to the world. Visit the website:

“Godwin Capital’s Fixed Income Investments are now on their 8th series; this is a testament to their COVID and recession-proof business model. 2020 was a fantastic year for Godwin Capital,” said Adam Davis, Managing Partner of Capital 3PM. “They acquired 7 new sites and paid back all client’s coupons and maturity on time and in full. They continue to be the number one product for Capital 3PM’s clients.

“As the global financial markets become more volatile day by day, Capital 3PM clients looking for a more secure investment are delighted with Godwin Capital and their Fixed Income Investments, which offer a 10-12% return with the additional benefit of 100% asset-backed and 100% secured features.”

Capital 3PM is the exclusive international marketing channel and capital introduction partner of Godwin Capital, sister company to Godwin Developments and part of the Godwin Group, offering both individuals and institutions worldwide a versatile product range of UK property themed investments, with attractive rates of return. Godwin Capital have a 100% track record and Capital 3PM clients benefit from their asset backed, secured loan note product, now in its 8th issue.

Visit for more information on Godwin Capital.